Saltillo’s designer wardrobe shines in ‘La Voz Kids’ 2022

When Manuel Morales Davila watched the episode ofThe voice Kids” that was broadcast this Monday, May 16, her skin turned chinita, and not only for listening to the Saltillan Mariana Cabrera, also to see that the little girl wore one of her creations: a bomber jacket with applications of the serape of Saltillo.

Mariana chose to be part of the team Mary Leon -although Mau Y Ricky They also fought for him to go with them- in the reality show of Aztecbut also chose the brand Amr’s disease who created Manuel a few years ago and whose designs, inspired by Mexican culture and pop, are already making waves in different parts of the country. In fact, the actor and model Gustavo Egelhaaf a few days ago he showed off his jacket serape on their social networks.

$!Manuel Morales and one of his bomber jacket designs.

Manuel Morales and one of his bomber jacket designs.

“The origin of the sarape is uncertain, it is spoken of Tlaxcala Y Coahuila as its point of origin, but what is certain is that it is already closely related to Saltillo, although it is used more as a souvenir or to decorate, but its main value is not given to it because the serape is made to wear. In fact, there was a legend that in the fairs they put a serape and to show that it was from Saltillo they spread it out and poured a jug of water over it and the water didn’t go through, because it was like a raincoat to protect from the cold”, says the designer.

The way that Manuel uses the colorful Saltillo textile for her creations, it immediately attracts attention, so much so that even the coaches Mau Y Ricky they asked Mariana, during the program, what were the applications that he wore on his bomber jacket. To which the girl replied that they were part of the culture of her city because she felt very proud to be Mexican.

“While I am not reinterpreting the serape, yes i am giving it the use of a more pop way. I’m not updating it because I don’t get into the manufacturing process of the serapeI use the serape to create a garment with a more urban touch”details the Graphic Design graduate of the Autonomous University of Coahuilawho a few years ago was in the Sarape School to learn more about the process of this fabric.

To make the garment Mariana, the designer sought to reflect the style and age of the contestant from ‘Mexico’s voice‘, that’s why he used the color pink. “When Mariana’s family contacted me to do this job, they told me that they wanted it to be seen that she is from Saltillo, that they locate her, that they see what she is like. That is why the jacket retains that essence of a girl”.

$!The actor Gustavo Egelhaaf with one of the jackets designed by Manuel Morales.

The actor Gustavo Egelhaaf with one of the jackets designed by Manuel Morales.

“I use bright colors because I also draw on the matlachines, which combine lime green with black, something very typical of the region. The matlachines they dance for a saint or a virgin and they always have many things hanging. Some saints also have details of cloth or other materials hanging on their clothes. That’s why the jacket he wore Mariana brings hanging hearts in men and is called miracles. It represents Coahuila because we mix colors and many things. Our culture here, in the north, that’s how it is “affirms the artist, who last year held an exhibition with part of his creations in The Pig of Babel.

The idea of Manuel is that the serape stop being used as a costume or “to put it in a painting or on a bed”, that it once again acquire its original vocation: a garment that was made to dress and protect whoever wears it from the cold.

“What I want is for the serape it is not used for something formal, that you can use it if you go out to a party, to a club, to the street. Mix something that is traditional and emblematic to make it something urban”he concludes.

Manuel Moraleswho made more garments for Mariana use them on your way through “The voice Kids”, is already preparing the next collection of Amr’s disease, which will include kimono-style robes and capes that will show off the serape jump. The idea is to show these new proposals in a catwalk that will take place at the end of August or beginning of September in the capital of Coahuila.

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