Salvini insulted Rackete – process interrupted

She is a “rich and spoiled German communist,” said Matteo Salvini about ex-captain Carola Rackete. The insult ended up in court. The process has now been paused.

The Milan court suspended the trial of Italy’s ex-Interior Minister Matteo Salvini for making insulting remarks against the German activist Carola Rackete. The judge ordered that the Italian Senate must first decide whether Salvini’s statements from 2019 are final, the Ansa news agency reported on Thursday.

Rackete reported Salvini for making disparaging remarks about the ex-captain of the private aid organization Sea-Watch on social media in June and July as interior minister. “I think people with important political positions in particular have to take responsibility for their behavior and that’s why I expect the process to continue,” Rackete said when asked by the German Press Agency.

Matteo Salvini: The former Italian interior minister is on trial. (Source: Zuma Wire/imago-images-pictures)

“Rich and spoiled German communist”

Salvini described the 34-year-old as a “rich and spoiled German communist”. At the end of June 2019, Rackete, as captain, steered the “Sea-Watch 3” with around 40 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean Sea on board into the port of the Italian island of Lampedusa without the permission of the authorities. Previously, people waited a long time at sea in anticipation of a safe haven. After that, Rackete was briefly under house arrest.

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