Salvio did not accept Boca’s offer and Vélez showed his interest in the striker

Boca is experiencing a time of wines, of putting together the team’s attack based on speed and the imbalance that that pointer can give it. Pavón was the banner of that 2016 Cup, when between Orión and Cata Díaz they were in charge of losing an unusual semifinal against Independiente del Valle in the Bombonera.

Then it was Villa’s turn, which is still in force and generating a toxic dependency in the team. And now the dazzling appearance of Changuito Zeballos, with a lovable nickname and a wide smile, who won over the fans with his freshness.

Eduardo Salvio got on that list, although never with the preponderance of the others. That is what the leaders want to make him pay. Turn his star salary, one of the best paid on the campus, into a very good one, but not that high.

They are talking about money and they still haven’t agreed. Friday is the limit and Vélez sniffed to see how things are, although his manager Christian Bassedas denies it.

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