Samahara Lobatón refuses to confirm whether he has resumed a relationship with Youna: “It is a topic that I do not want to tell about.”

Samahara Lobatón from Vichayito, Piura, she connected with the program “America Hoy” and was consulted about the rumors that indicate that she resumed her romantic relationship with Youna.

“I am in Vichayito with my sister, with her boyfriend, with my daughter and with my daughter’s father. We are having a great time, Saturday was my birthday, this week my sister also has her birthday and we decided to take a trip ”, commented at first.

When asked about the images that Youna shared on her social networks, where they both appear hugging and kissing, she pointed out that she preferred not to delve into the subject.

“Youna is a topic that I don’t want to talk about, I want it to stay for us, for our family. The photo was taken by my sister a few days ago ”, He stated unconfirmed if he resumed his relationship with Youna.

Through her Instagram account, Youna shared some images with Melissa Klug’s daughter, where they both appear together kissing on the beach and with a special dedication for her: “I love you.”

The dissemination of these images led to speculation that the influencer and the barber would have resumed their relationship, after months ago both reported themselves for alleged physical and psychological violence, so they stayed away for several months.

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Samahara Lobatón reveals what contraceptive he uses:
Samahara Lobatón reveals what contraceptive he uses: “It is completely normal to take care of yourself” null

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