Samantha Batallanos: ‘I am not an ambassador’

The model and ‘Miss Grand Peru 2021′, Samantha Battlenos He spoke with Trome and confirmed that he received the invitation to go to a private event of the singer Maluma, in addition, he took the opportunity to distance himself from Paula Manzanal and stressed that she is “no ambassador”.

I don’t keep track because I’ve been to different parts of the world, but I think it’s been almost 3 months since I’ve been to Peru.

I don’t know how that information got out, but I didn’t attend because I had another commitment. Although I would have loved to have time for Maluma (laughs).

For mutual friends.

We are not friends, but I have nothing against her either, even though she had a negative comment towards me. She left a lot to be desired in the way she expressed herself about me, there was a touch, but nothing more.

Of course. One has to be where she feels comfortable.

It was not a party, it was his (Maluma) concert that took place three weeks ago in a nightclub in Ibiza, where all the most famous artists go.

I am not defined by what people say, everyone has different types of opinion and perspective. I know that I am not an ambassador nor am I in competition with anyone.

It is something that I see very far away because I consider myself a sincere, transparent and just-as-is woman. I didn’t like her negative and ironic comments, because if you don’t know a person… Why are you going to talk?

There is a friendship because we have worked together, but it is not that we are close or intimate friends. I have a special thanks because he counted me among so many beautiful women that exist, we made high production videos and content for social networks, because he is the king of networks.

I will leave you intrigued, I will soon be in Peru and I have many news to tell you.

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