Samsung and Motorola close another month on a high in Brazil

Samsung and Motorola are no longer in the first place in the cell phone market in Brazil, even with a good gap in relation to other competitors. At the end of July, the owner of the Galaxy line maintained practically the same sales share as in June, with a percentage of 42.07%. Motorola, in turn, came to 21.99% — a small drop of 0.41%.

Apple, a company that has also consolidated its position in third place for some time, had a slight growth during the month of July, jumping from 14.43% to 14.91%. Xiaomi is right behind and keeping practically the same share that it had in June: 12.48%. Finally, LG, which broke the financial record this July, closes the TOP 5 with a slice of 5.73% of the entire Brazilian market, which represents a drop of 0.10% in relation to the previous month.

What are the biggest cell phone companies in Brazil?

With the results of June, see the ranking of the 10 largest mobile phone manufacturers in activity in Brazil:

ranking Company %
1 Samsung 42.07
two Motorola 21.99
3 apple 14.91
4 Xiaomi 12.48
5 LG 5.73
6 ASUS 1.08
7 Others 0.63
8 Huawei 0.16
9 Lenovo 0.12
10 Nokia 0.2

Apple and Xiaomi maintain fierce dispute

Of all the companies, Apple and Xiaomi are the ones that maintain practically the same fierce scenario compared to the same period last year. In July 2021, for example, the Cupertino giant held a 13.85% stake, while the Chinese company boasted its highest percentage since then, with 10.23%. Since then, the dispute continues to be very fierce, as in February this year, when Xiaomi overtook Apple for the first time in the history of the Brazilian market.

See the chart with the results for 2022:

History of 2022

Source: StatCounter

Which of these brands is your phone?

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