Samsung is testing Repair Mode, a feature that hides user data from technicians

Have we ever had to take a cell phone to a workshop so that technicians can repair it. We distrust, and that’s why we first close our accounts, back up our information and leave it at the factory. That will no longer be necessary thanks to the new Repair mode of Samsung.

The South Korean company is testing this new function from its country, which, as the report from TechSpotbasically it is a special setting that the user can activate when he brings his phone in for repair and that protects his data from nosy technicians.

Samsung smartphones that have this mode activated they will only show the default apps. Those installed by the owner of the phone will disappear, as well as photos, videos and messages.

Repair mode will protect users’ information and allow technicians to do their job: test all the functions of the equipment.

Which Samsungs will repair mode work on?

The website of Ars Technica believe repair mode will work by creating a new temporary user account within a different disk partition.

For its part, Samsung plans to have the repair mode added in an upcoming update for the South Korean version of the S21 serieswith more devices to follow.

A black Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G on its box.

When the feature becomes available, users will be able to activate it on Settings > Battery and device care > Repair mode. This will reboot the phone and take them to the blank account, which does not require a password. To disable it, just restart your phone and it will be back to normal.

As useful as it sounds, it is likely that other companies using the Android operating system will adopt this feature. First, Samsung must finish testing and release it to the public for the new S22 series and internationally for its latest devices.

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