Samsung previews possible smartphones with a screen that rolls and slides

2021 will most likely be remembered as the year that Samsung finally dominated the foldable screen smartphone market. Not only in terms of sales but also in the technical aspect with everything that implies creating this type of terminals.

Our review of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 marks a clear example of the level to which they have taken this technology and the way in which they have managed to polish these types of devices in just three generations.

But it seems that the South Korean manufacturer is not going to stop here and everything indicates that it is preparing new smartphones taking full advantage of innovation with flexible screens.

Samsung gives us a glimpse into the future

The company just launched an official website, dedicated solely and exclusively to showcase its technology with flexible OLED panels. Exactly the same ones used in the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip line.

The digital portal shows different uses for flexible OLED screens, with the displays that we have seen so far. But the interesting thing is that hidden there on the site there is also a design of a screen called ‘Slidable Flex’, which appears to be a flat screen that can be extended by pulling the edges.

Also shown is another type of OLED panel called “Rollable Flex” that can unfold exactly like a parchment. What immediately has made the community suppose that Samsung could be preparing smartphones that exploit this type of technology.

The company does not give a single piece of information that seems to suggest that this is the future of its folding phones. But the very use of the technology shown seems to be betting in that direction.

In any case, this type of display would be in a relatively early stage of its development. So it could be a long time before you see a functional unit with these qualities.

It should be noted that these displays are not limited to smart devices, so we could also see them in other items such as computers or TV screens.

LG, Opppo and even TCL have also been trying to develop projects with more or less the same characteristics in the flexibility of their screens.

So everything suggests that this will be the future of the mobile industry. Only the passage of time will end up confirming whether this is true or not.

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