Samsung Smart Monitor Review – For the price, it seems like a good buy, but…

Samsung enters the market with a new product category: a Smart monitor!

It’s basically a Smart TV, but with only 24 inches, IPS panel, FULL HD resolution, a simple monitor base and 100 by 100 vesa holes. The TV uses the Linux-based operating system, Tizen – the same one used in most of Samsung’s “smart” products.

  • Screen: IPS
  • Size: 24 inches
  • Resolution: FULLHD (1920×1080)
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • response time: 14ms
  • Sync: does not have
  • Dimming: LED
  • Contrast: 1000:1
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (BT4.2), 2x HDMI 2.0, 1x USB 3.0 and WiFi5
  • Dimensions: 539.2 x 326.0 x 39.4 mm
  • VESA: 100×100
  • Weight: 2.9 kg

Smart Monitor FHD Samsung 24 – See the complete technical sheet here

The main purpose of Smart Monitor is a smooth transition between work and play. Can be used for office man and then marathon series. The thing is, every Smart TV already does this – you just need an HDMI cable. I tested all the functions that Smart Monitor presents and I’ll tell you whether or not it’s worth buying this screen!

External Construction and Design

I don’t have much to write about, as the external construction and design of the Smart Monitor is quite simple: We have a plastic festival – as you would expect in this price range. A very light base just to “break the branch” with tilt adjustment and that’s it. So you know, an articulated base comes in very handy here.

At least we have a ‘little ear’ to make handling cables easier.

already the biggest point positive of the design are the thin edges. The screen reaches the end of the frame, with a tiny black border. This gives the product an exceptionally premium look, and I can’t stress this enough. I’m used to analyzing gaming monitors with thick edges, so I was surprised by how thin the edges of this model are. Cool.

The thin edges give the product a very premium look.
The thin edges give the product a very premium look.


Amazingly, we only have one USB port on the Smart Monitor. If you are planning to use the remote functions like Easy Connection or work without a computer or notebook present, you will need to use peripherals with bluetooth connection, or buy a USB hub. I didn’t understand Samsung’s decision to put a measly USB input on a peripheral whose main selling point is the versatility. Nowadays, everything peripheral uses USB input, even wireless peripherals, like the G435 headset and the pink mouse from Dareu that we reviewed earlier.

Two HDMI inputs, USB is at the top of the monitor
Two HDMI inputs, USB is at the top of the monitor

Samsung Dex

I tried to use Samsung Dex to connect my phone to the TV, but despite being a branded phone, it is not one of the models compatible with the system.

After that, I used our Samsung Fold here at the office. The wireless screen sharing system works well. Obviously with delay, but it’s usable.

Mouse connected via USB.  Keyboard connected to the TV via Bluetooth.  Using the cell phone on Smart TV wirelessly through Samsung Dex.  What a mess, no?  But it works!
Mouse connected via USB on TV, keyboard connected via Bluetooth on TV, using wireless cell phone through Samsung Dex. What a mess, no? But it works!

The devices compatible with this system are the following: Galaxy S9, S10, S20, S21, Note8, Note9, Note10, Note 20, Z Fold series, Galaxy Tab S4, S5e, S6, S7, and S8 series tablets.

Designing a computer remotely – Easy Connection

You need to download the “Easy Connection” application from this website here on your computer. Then log into the TV and app with the same Samsung account. Okay, now just go to the main menu and you can use the computer remotely through the TV. Don’t forget to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard or wired peripherals via a USB hub.

First I tested this function in an old notebook here at home. My idea was to use the notebook from a distance, but it didn’t work well. The delay is long and the quality has gone down considerably. The notebook’s processor usage was at 100%, with the fans howling. I thought, “the notebook cannot support the screen transmission through this application”and I decided to test it on a computer with more powerful hardware – which is a realistic use of this function: at home-office, using only your SmartMonitor, with remote access to the powerful computer of the company where you work. Connected to a powerful computer, the experience remained terrible.

If the huge input-lag wasn’t enough, the image remained full of artifacts. Even the simplest task I could imagine – writing texts, became practically impossible through Easy Connection. The idea is good, but unfortunately does not work.

Using the computer on Smart TV via Easy Connection - Although both are close, remote access works over the internet, regardless of distance
Using computer on Smart TV via Easy Connection – Despite both being close, it was still bad, since remote access works over the internet, regardless of distance

Microsoft Office 365

You can sign in to your Microsoft account and access files on Onedrive, such as Word documents and Powerpoint presentations, photos, videos, etc. It’s a joke, but realistically, who would work on a SmartTV? Productivity is greatly impaired, since several times at work you may need to respond to messages on WhatsApp or Telegram, use Trello, Photoshop, among other applications that are not on TV. Obviously, we can use a cell phone for this, but I personally prefer to keep everything on one device – and I think most people work that way.

Smart TV Functions

Smart Monitor works perfectly as a small Smart TV. We have access to all common streaming services such as Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, Globoplay, Netflix, etc. We also have free access to the Samsung TV Plus channel, which has a bit of a cavernous programming, but it’s a pain in the ass if you don’t have streaming subscriptions and don’t enjoy watching videos on YouTube.

A Smart TV on a monitor, or a monitor on a Smart TV?
A Smart TV on a monitor, or a monitor on a Smart TV?

The Smart Monitor does not have an antenna output, so we were unable to connect the open TV!

The transition between monitor and Smart TV is fast and stress-free. In this the Smart Monitor does very well.


Smart Monitor works well for strategy games like Civilization VI, Crusader Kings 3, Hearts of Iron IV, Heartstone, TFT, etc. Now, for games that contain a lot of motion and high-speed images, like CS:GO, Apex Legends and GTA V, you won’t have the best of experiences. This monitor’s refresh rate is only 60 Hz, and the 14 millisecond response time really hurts performance in more competitive games.

Making excuses to play Hearts of Iron
Hearts of Iron IV here is excellent!

No monitor is perfect. Just as gaming monitors with high refresh rates are performance-focused and don’t usually have the prettiest colors or good viewing angles – this one is the opposite: the image is excellent, perfect for more “calm” games. It’s not meant to be used competitively, but it would work perfectly as a second screen in this scenario.

settings menu

We have two imaging modes, standard and dynamic. The dynamic mode, together with the ophthalmology options, change the brightness and filter the blue light according to the external light of the environment. Useful for those who do not use this feature present in Windows 10 and 11.

In the Specialized Settings we have option to change brightness, contrast, sharpness, color tone (cool, default, warm 1 and warm 2), gamma and shadow detail. In the “white stability” section we can adjust the light level of the red, blue and green LEDs.

Settings menu is super complete
Settings menu is super complete

I was surprised at the range of customization we have – far above “gamers” monitors we find in this price range.


I couldn’t find specs on Samsung’s Smart Monitor speakers, but we have one on each side.

The serious here is non-existent. So avoid using the built-in sound on the monitor to play games or watch movies. For conventional TV shows, like TV news, or watching podcasts, it works satisfactorily. It’s not the worst sound I’ve ever heard from a TV, but any external 6W speakers sound a thousand times better than the ones built into the monitor.. If you are going to use this one daily as a TV, I also recommend investing in a bluetooth speaker.


Despite being a Smart TV, it does not have an antenna or cable input, limiting its use. Every Smart television can also be used as a monitor, as long as it has HDMI inputs (I don’t know of a model that doesn’t have at least one). To play the role of monitor it needs to be the right size (this varies from person to person), a resolution that is sharp enough to work with texts and… that’s it.

On the plus side, if you ever buy a larger or high refresh rate monitor and stop using Samsung’s Smart Monitor, you can still use it as a small Smart TV for the kitchen or some smaller room.

Remote functions were extremely unsatisfactory. Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone working remotely using a Smart TV connected to a distant computer in the company. As I explained earlier, delay and input-lag really hurt productivity.

In short, the prospect of working using only SmartTV is unrealistic, for two reasons:

  • It does not contain all the necessary applications and the navigation is slow – it does not replace a desktop or notebook;
  • Remote screen sharing Easy Connection it has delay and input-lag that considerably hinder navigation, reducing productivity.

However, the Samsung Dex works fine. If you are looking for a screen to mirror your cell phone – and you have one of the compatible cell phones or tablets, you can go easy on Smart Monitor.

Smart Monitor FHD Samsung 24


  • Sharp image;
  • IPS panel with good colors;
  • It works as a Smart TV;
  • thin edges;

  • Only one USB input;
  • Advertised functions in product marketing are useless in practice;
  • No input for antennas or cable TV

The biggest problem with this product is in the marketing – which should be aimed at what it really is: a portable FULL HD Smart TV with an IPS panel and a relatively low price. This role Samsung’s Smart Monitor fulfills very well, filling a specific niche without being expensive.

As I write this review, the Smart Monitor is at R$1159. In this price range, we simply can’t find any competitors. So, if you don’t plan on using the remote functions, and instead just want a relatively small Smart Monitor with beautiful colors and sharpness, you can buy without fear.

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