Samu ‘chanca’ to Jazmín Pinedo in response to Magaly: “He screwed it up, your sponsors won’t like it”

Oops! Samuel Suarez was more than surprised this Friday, after his opinions regarding the tremendous speech that was sent Jasmine Pinedo after the criticisms that he sent Magaly Medina, They disappeared from their Instarándula stories on Instagram.

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“The stories that I had made about Jazmín Pinedo are not there, I have not the slightest idea because only three people have the Instarándula account, so I don’t know if they have hacked, deleted and precisely the part where I talk about Jasmine, but what a pity because everything is on TikTok. I’m still going to change all the passwords, how strange that they disappear, at least I would not have to delete that”, said the popular Samu when asked by his followers.

He also assured that this is the first time he has experienced such a situation and that he consulted with his work team and they told him that they did not erase Jasmine’s stories either. “I don’t understand what happened but it does seem strange to me. Nobody has deleted anything here and they shouldn’t have to, our opinion is our opinion and many ratujas have already seen it and what’s more, we’ll give our opinion again tomorrow because I’ve already seen all the details”, limited the entertainment journalist.

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Although the stories of Instarándula disappeared, Samuel Suarez He also shared his comments about the “chinita” in TikTok. “I don’t understand why the china is itchy. Okay, We know that Chinese women have been talkative all their lives and apparently it hurt him a lot to be told that he went to Farfán’s house with his bow tie, because it’s true, committed some excesses. She had to have a limit of not letting herself be burdened by the interviewee”, said Samu.

Also, Samuel Suarez was surprised by the caliber of the message from Jasmine Pinedo on a channel that boasts of being ‘white’. “That cannot happen, América Televisión, the white channel, how are you going to respond to Magaly the way she has responded, the brands Jazmín, Jazmín your sponsors are not going to like the answer you have given them and the wallow that comes later because they are going to return it to you anyway, rest assured”indicated the creator of Instarándula.

Finally, Samu considered that the “Chinese” was wrong to respond to Magaly. “I think that Jazmín did screw it up because there are things that, in truth, it is better ‘quietly you look prettier’. Later she will fall for you and we will see ”he concluded.

Samuel Suárez was surprised because his comments about Jazmín Pinedo disappeared from his Instagram stories, although everything was recorded on TikTok.


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