TROME |  'Samu' on Renato Tapia's statement:

‘Samu’ on Renato Tapia’s statement: “He acts due to media pressure”

Magaly Medina paralyzed the small screen by revealing that the footballer Renato Tapia has an unrecognized child out of wedlock. In this case, different entertainment figures have expressed their opinion on the matter and Samuel Suárez, better known as ‘Samu’, was no exception.

The presenter of ‘Instarándula’ referred to the case of the Peruvian soccer player and stressed that Tapia issued a statement only due to “media pressure”.

“It is very clear that he is acting due to media pressure, he had never been involved before in a large-scale scandal, he must be in shock and by now he will have received ‘correct advice’ so as not to further muddy his image”he commented.

“The only beneficiary of this announcement is the minor, who we do not doubt will receive what corresponds to him as a son,” added the communicator.

Through a statement, the soccer player responded to his ex-partner Daniela Castro who denounced him for not assuming the paternity of his 6-year-old son and stressed that he will assume his work accordingly.

“Clarify that from the first moment I was present for my son Fabriziocovering their needs and assuming the obligations that correspond as a father”he said in his statement.

Renato Tapia's statement after a lawsuit for not recognizing his son.

Renato Tapia’s statement after a lawsuit for not recognizing his son.

In addition, the player confirmed that he is in a conciliation process with Daniela Castro to reach a formal agreement. She specified that this is to ensure the well-being of his son Fabrizio.

“Unfortunately, this agreement has not yet been able to materialize, but I am sure that we will achieve it as soon as possible. We will continue to handle this matter privately, for the sake of my son and our family.”he added.

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