Samuel García says that forest fires "were provoked" to affect it

Governor of Nuevo Leon Samuel Garcia Sepulvedadenounced that the forest fires in San Jerónimor they were provoked to “destabilize” his government and that of Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas, mayor of Monterrey.

Through a video shared on his Instagram account, the state president attributed the three fires that were recorded simultaneously in Monterrey to external causes and denied that it was one by negligence or by forest theme.

As we announced in The Truth News, Civil Protection of Nuevo León informed that on Monday the report of three firesso in joint work with the Phoenix Brigade and municipal units they managed to put down the fire.

Samuel García asks the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate forest fires

In the recording, García Sepúlveda pointed out that the fire was not due to negligence or accident, but by people “idiotized”, “which definitely wants to destabilize”. He even accused that perhaps they were provoked by some group that wants to affect his government.

“These fires were caused, it was not negligence, it was not a natural themeforestry, there are, well, I don’t know how to tell you, there are idiotic, perverse people, I don’t know if they hire them or they will hire each other, but today’s fires in San Jerónimo were three fires caused by some group, by someone who definitely wants destabilize, he wants to affect the governments of my compadre Luis Donaldo and mine”, detailed the president.

Likewise, the governor of Nuevo León announced that he will request the Nuevo Leon Prosecutor’s Office investigate this event in order to find those responsible and that they receive an exemplary sanction.

How old is Samuel Garcia?

He is originally from Monterey.

He is originally from Monterey.

Governor of Nuevo Leon Samuel Garcia Sepulvedawas born on December 28, 1987 in Monterrey, so he currently has 34 years old. She took office on October 4, however, her administration has been involved in great controversy due to the wave of disappearances of women and forest fires.

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