Samurai Jill steals our hearts with Spider-Mary Jane cosplay

It’s clear that spider-man He has become one of my favorite characters Marvelthis charismatic boy has a large number of followers around the world, so it is not uncommon to see that his franchise is one of the most popular, because it is enough to remember that it has a wide variety of comics, movies, video games and merchandise of all kinds about the friendly neighbor.

That’s right, Spidey, who is a boy with a good sense of humor and incredible super powers, has been placed in the taste of adults and children, that is precisely the reason why the costume artists have made a large number of versions. cosplay on this character and his companions throughout history, so much so, that even its lesser-known versions or those of the expandable universe have already been taken off the screen by the models.

This is thanks to interesting theories, in the mere style of the series What if?…which have several versions of what would happen if just one of the small events or decisions changed in the lives of our favorite heroes, and one of the favorites of Spider-Man fans, is what if mary jane watsonWould she have been bitten by the spider for some reason? That’s right, if Mary Jane had been the one affected by the spider, instead of peter parker.

And with this, he acquired the powers of the arachnid, and as we have heard before: “With great power comes great responsibility”so she would then have to make important changes in her life and create her own identity to fight for justice, and we have found a girl who reveals to us what this version of the hero would be like.

This is Jill, better known on networks like Samurai Jilla model and cosplayer who does work of all kinds, on characters from anime, movies, video games and comics, an off-road girl, you can find her on her official Instagram as @samurai_jill, where she has more than 78 thousand followers and some impressive cosplay versions .

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