San Lorenzo subsidiaries of football clubs rejoined for a purpose of solidarity

The subsidiaries of first division soccer clubs in the city of San Lorenzo, came together again to carry out a new solidarity day that, this time, took place in the Paseo del Pino.

The new initiative had the objective of collecting toys and sweets that people were leaving in the stands that were specially set up and that, I say, will be distributed among the boys and girls of the city.

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In addition, on the same day the subsidiaries also added a space to receive non-perishable food destined for the communities of the impenetrable Chaco that were received by the local reference of native culture, Gladis Choque.

The “Seba Domínguez” subsidiaries of Newells’s Old Boys participated in the move; “Ángel Clemente Rojas” from Boca Juniors; “Los Diablos Rojos” by Independiente; “Tata Gauna” from Rosario Central; River Plate’s “Leo Ponzio”; and Rosario and Arroyo Seco de San Lorenzo de Almagro.

This activity was framed in an afternoon of multiple activities on the Paseo del Pino, where an entrepreneurs fair was also held on a San Martín avenue that became pedestrianized to facilitate circulation and promote sales on the eve of the Day of the Childhood.

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