San Martín (T) and Instituto finished goalless

S. Martín T and La Gloria did not go beyond the draw and ended up tied without goals in their match for date 14 of Argentina – Primera Nacional 2022.

The best player of the match was Darío Sand. The goalkeeper of San Martín (T) showed off.

Jorge Carranza also stood out at the Ciudadela stadium. The Institute goalkeeper shone.

In the match there were 2 cautioned: Leonardo Monje and Diego Becker.

The coach of S. Martín T, Pablo De Muner, proposed a 4-3-3 formation with Darío Sand in goal; Nicolás Sansotre, Juan Orellana, Hernán Lópes and Lucas Diarte in the defensive line; Valentín Larralde, Rodrigo Herrera and Alberto Costa in the middle; and Federico Jourdan, Juan Bautista Miritello and Diego Sosa in attack.

For its part, Lucas Bovaglio’s team took the field with a 4-4-2 scheme with Jorge Carranza under the three sticks; Giuliano Cerato, Ezequiel Parnisari, Fernando Alarcón and Sebastián Corda in defense; Gabriel Graciani, Leonardo Monje, Roberto Bochi and Santiago Rodríguez in midfield; and Patricio Cucchi and Nicolás Mazzola up front.

Pablo Dóvalo was the referee who directed the match at the Ciudadela stadium.

S. Martín T’s next match in the championship will be as a visitor against Agropecuario Argentino, while La Gloria will host Def. of Belgrano.

With this result, the host of the match reaches 28 points and is in second place. For its part, the visiting team remains at 21 units and is in ninth place in the tournament.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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