San Martín: thieves locked a man in the trunk of his car

A 40-year-old man was intercepted by three armed criminals, who forced him into the trunk of his car, in the Buenos Aires town of Billinghurst, San Martín district, which they then left after committing a series of robberies, reported today police sources.

The incident occurred yesterday, Saturday, when a 40-year-old man was intercepted by two armed men and a woman at the intersection of 9 de Julio and José Hernández streets, in the aforementioned town of the San Martin district, northwest of the suburbs. Buenos Aires

According to the sources, the victim was aboard a Volkswagen Bora when he was approached by the criminals, who reduced him and forced him to enter the trunk of the vehicle.

After the robbery they went out to do some crimes in the area of ​​the districts of San Martín and Tres de Febrero. At that moment some policemen from the 5th Police Station see him. of Loma Hermosa, who give notice and begin a search to find the car“, a researcher explained to Télam.

The vehicle was found abandoned at the intersection of Silva and Presidente Peronin the town of Paul Podestaparty of Three of February.

There officers found the car with the doors open and heard banging from inside the trunk.

Finally, the man was rescued and treated by doctors from the Emergency Medical Care System (SAME) for some blows he received on the forehead.

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