San Miguelito and UMECIT FC did not take advantage and ended goalless

San Miguelito and UMECIT FC did not take advantage and ended goalless

The match for date 10 played at the Estadio los Andes stadium, ended without San Miguelito and UMECIT FC managing to convert.

The figure of the match was Kevin Mosquera. The San Miguelito goalkeeper showed his quality.

Martín Meléndez was another outstanding player. The UMECIT FC goalkeeper showed his quality.

The meeting had several cautioned: Eber Díaz, Rogers Yela, Pedro Jeanine and Juan Gómez.

The San Miguelito strategist, Felipe Borowsky, stopped the starting eleven with a 4-4-2 formation with Kevin Mosquera in goal; Aymar Cundumí, Javier Rivera, Emmanuel Gómez and Rodrigo Tello on the defensive line; Ricardo Vanegas, Edgar Aparicio, Pedro Jeanine and Luis Zúñiga in the middle; and Tomás Rodríguez and Valentín Pimentel in attack.

For their part, those chosen by Fredy Romero came onto the playing field with a 4-4-2 scheme with Martín Meléndez under the three sticks; Martín Jiménez, Santiago Cedeño, Reinaldo Brathwaite and Josthyn Tenorio in defense; Rogers Yela, Jacinto Fuentes, Gilberto Abadía and Samuel Jiménez in midfield; and Eber Díaz and Darwin Pinzón up front.

For the next date, San Miguelito will play at home against Herrera and UMECIT FC will visit Tauro.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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