San Pedro: injured a neighbor with a machete to steal his cell phone

Monday, September 19, 2022 | 10:20 p.m.

A 30-year-old man was arrested this afternoon after a raid in the San Miguel neighborhood of San Pedro, accused of injuring a neighbor with a machete to steal his cell phone, a fact that had happened this past Saturday night.

According to what the victim denounced, everything happened while he was sleeping at his home in the Santa Rosa neighborhood, when two individuals knocked on his window and when checking, he was surprised by the criminals, who grabbed him by the neck demanding that he give them money, but at not access, they attacked him, stole his cell phone and then fled the scene.

According to the physical characteristics that the victim provided about the thieves, the members of the First Police Station, together with the Investigation Brigade of the UR-XIV, carried out a series of inquiries and according to these, they reached some houses in the San Miguel and Risen Christ neighborhoods.

With the order of the Court of Instruction One of San Pedro, they raided the buildings, where in one of them they seized three machetes, of which two would be the ones used for the act, they also arrested one of the suspects, but they did not find the cell phone of the victim.

By order of the intervening magistrate, the person involved was notified of the case, and the search and capture of the second suspect, who would already be identified, is still ongoing.

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