Sans-papiers France: towards the regularization of a certain category

While France has only tightened the granting of visas to Algerians since the start of the Algerian-French diplomatic crisis, it has made exceptions that concerned investors and Algerian executives, this time this relief and facilitation affects a category that lives in a climate of fear; wife.

Indeed, all over the world, women suffer from domestic violence. Feminicides are on the increase either with impunity or even in the face of sentences judged to be at odds with the abject crime. This is why the authorities are trying to put in place mechanisms and measures to protect women against this growing violence, such as the encouraged granting of visas intended for women who have arrived in France illegally or in the name of family reunification and victims. of violence.

This is the wish expressed by the French Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, who wants to protect women who feel in danger, even those in an irregular situation. He will therefore order this Thursday to the prefects the regularization of these women victims of domestic violence. “These women are perhaps too often hesitant to go to a police station or a gendarmerie brigade, to seize the public prosecutor to say” I was raped “or” I am beaten by my husband and I want to file a complaint ” deplored the French minister.

Protected in the name of French justice

Darmanin adds “if justice comes to demonstrate that the person against whom the complaint is filed is, in fact, responsible for rape, domestic violence, we are committed to regularize these women in the name of the protection we owe them” .

In this case, these women will have a residence permit, which is good news for several Algerian women living in hell in France far from their families or even for those fleeing the domestic violence of their husbands in Algeria.

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