Santa Ana: trucker wanted to bribe to continue with an illegal load

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 8:17 a.m.

Agents from the Argentine Naval Prefecture seized an important shipment of more than 52,000 kilograms of corn that were irregularly transported in a truck, during an operation carried out by the aforementioned force in the town of Santa María. According to the data provided by Prefecture spokesmen, the procedure was carried out in the midst of a vehicle control carried out on provincial route 2.

There, the federals stopped the progress of a truck with its respective trailer that was carrying a load of broken corn.

After inspecting the transport, the driver commented to the uniformed officers that he was carrying more load than he should have, so he tried to offer money to be able to continue on his way.

The Federal Court of Posadas, in charge of the judge, was immediately notified of the situation. María Verónica Skanata, who ordered the seizure of the truck and its cargo.

In addition, it ordered that the corresponding actions be carried out for the crimes of bribery and alleged smuggling.

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