Santa Evita: watch the trailer and images of Natalia Oreiro as Eva Perón

Saint Avoid It is a fiction based on the homonymous best seller by the Argentine writer Thomas Eloy Martinez and follows the story of Eva Perón’s embalmed body after her death. He was kept waiting to be buried for three years for the construction of a monument that never materialized. The recordings ended in August 2021 and this Tuesday, June 21, they released the first official trailer and the premiere date of the series.

The production that will be released on July 26 by Star + has 7 chapters. In the trailer released this Tuesday, the protagonists of the series are seen for the first time in action. Natalia Oreiro and Darío Grandinetti as Eva Perón and Juan Domingo Perón, respectively. Fiction focused on discovering what happened to the real body of the first Argentine lady.

“The first lady of Argentina passed away. And the myth was born”, says the first official preview of the Argentine series starring the Uruguayan actress. The plot follows history of the embalmed body of Eva Perón after his death on July 26, 1952 and spent 3 years without a grave waiting for the creation and construction of a monument that never happened. With the arrival of the group of soldiers calling themselves the Liberating Revolution that overthrew then President Juan Domingo Perón, the corpse disappeared for 19 years.

Santa Evita gathers a international cast which includes Ernesto Alterio as Carlos Eugenio Moori Koenig (head of the Army Intelligence Service, SIE), Francesc Orella, the remembered actor from Merlí, who plays Dr. Pedro Ara Sarriá, a Spanish doctor in charge of embalming the corpse of Eva Perón and Diego Velázquez as Mariano Vásquez, the journalist who in 1971 begins the investigation into what happened to Eva’s body. It is a co-production of NonStop.

The fiction is directed by Rodrigo García, son of the remembered Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, who has extensive experience in the film industry. The executive producer is the Mexican Salma Hayek, a task that she shares with the Argentine director Alejandro Maci.

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