Santa Fe pride: Felipe Vergara will participate in the International Chemistry Olympics

The International Chemistry Olympiadswhich will take place at the end of July, will have the participation of four Argentines, three from the Federal Capital and the Santa Fe Philip Vergara.

A student of the Colegio Nuestra SeƱora de Lourdes, he graduated last year as high school chemical technician. Even though he was a “lower average” student, he got into the Olympics in third year and never left.

“A friend who had already participated told me to join in to do something. The first day I said, this is mine. Above all, because of the group, it was a different way of learning, a different way of facing problems. From that first day I did not leave the laboratoryand I began to participate in the Olympics,” he commented on the air in chain OH!

In 2019 he won the silver medal at level 2. Last year he was second at the national level, which is level three, and thanks to that he was able to be in the pre-selection to represent the country. They were 24 boys, there were two more pre-selections and 4 remained.

“It is one thing to study alone and another is with people who like the same thing. I saw chemistry as very exact, restrictive, impossible to move. Until I entered the Olympics I began to see it as a game, as a puzzle, there are millions of ways to deal with it. She would see it on paper and then go to the lab.”

The International Olympic Committee has yet to define the exact date. But the instance will be virtual and only theoretical, which is more difficult. Begining of June, Felipe will travel to Buenos Aires for three weeks and they will carry out the final intensive training, at the University of Buenos Aires. “We’re going to be making trouble all day,” she said between laughs.

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