Santiago Maratea will help a grandmother who will be evicted by the Government of Cordoba

The influencer Santiago Maratea started a new campaign to help a grandmother not to be left homeless, after being moved by the story of the lady who will be evicted by a decision of the Government of Córdoba.

In this sense, the young man called his followers to join the cause through his Instagram account, where he made a summary to report the situation. Olga Benavídez is a 73-year-old woman who was notified that she must “leave her house” within a certain period of time, given that part of the Punilla Highway will be built.

“A lady who lives in Córdoba received a letter from the government that she has to vacate the house in 30 days. Out of the blue. She has lived there for 30 years, or I don’t know, 20 years. I found out on Instagram, scrolling, and I see the video of the lady, “said the influencer. In the clip shared by the Conscious Message account, they indicated that Olga has lived in the Cordoba town of Bialet Massé for 11 years and, like her, other families will go through the same situation. In the midst of the confusion, the retiree narrated that she does not have money to go and buy a new house,” she said on her social networks.

In addition, of its neighbors who will also have to leave their homes, 3% of the native forests of that region will also be lost, causing irreparable damage. “Someone has to do something, but it has to be a person who is fair. There has to be someone,” Olga pointed out.

“And I say, ‘No. Someone has to do something!’ And sure it’s me, who’s going to do it? I mean sure it’s you after seeing Olga’s video. No no no. Olga destroys me, friend. I do not can. Please, see it in its entirety,” asked Maratea.

Discharge from the dealer

They indicated that Olga “owns the usufruct of the land where her house is located, the owners being her children, one of whom is deceased.”

“The property is within the public works plan and the province, far from unprotecting and harming the lady, has worked and continues to do so with her legal representatives to provide a definitive solution to both her and her heirs, since an investigation should have been initiated. succession”, they pointed out in a tweet and added that the issue is in a “high degree of progress”.

In this way, they recognized that they are in permanent communication with the legal advisers and the family: “The lady’s lawyer has been reassured, confirming the negotiations that are being carried out for a definitive and harmonious solution. The public works actions of the Government of Córdoba are carried out following all the legal steps and providing solutions to those owners who may be affected by the execution of the same, ”he closed.

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