Santiago to Phase 4 and Colo Colo can receive more than 11,500 fans

The good moment that Chile is living with the pandemic is to applaud and the 1% positivity both in Chile and in the Metropolitan Region, made the Government take a new health measure in this regard.

Greater Santiago advances to Phase 4, that implies great news for commerce and the circulation of people. Of course, the call is the same, not to lower your arms because the covid-19 is still among us.

This event makes Colo Colo happy, who can receive more fans at the Monumental stadium. It is worth mentioning that in Phase 3 they were only 5 and a fraction and now they can be 11,836 fans.

Why the “can”? Because this measure is not automatic, but there has to be a review by Estadio Seguro and the Seremi de Salud, who have to say yes to the increase in capacity.

More Albos fans in Phase 4

However, because of how things are being done in Black and White, they welcome this increase and the request will be made. Of course, it is still to be seen that it is against Cobresal this Sunday.

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