Santino with a clear message about the fate of Skal vi danse: – Now that’s enough

In a sea of ​​sore ribs, pinched nerves and sore feet, Santino Mirenna (29) names himself Skal vi danses number one unlucky bird.

He dislocated his shoulder for the first time during a live broadcast of Skal vi danse in 2019, and in the all stars season the accident happened again.

– That’s what happens. It’s bad luck, but I’ve had a lot of bad luck this year, with pneumonia and this. I hope this is the last bad thing that happens, now I think it has been enough for me, says Mirenna.

Without substitutes

On Saturday, despite the injury, Mirenna was back on the floor with Jørgine “Funkygine” Massa Vasstrand (33), admittedly with good help from TikTok star Lars Henriksen (29), who had been a substitute in training all week.

After this, great excitement has been attached to what will be the Italian professional dancer’s further fate in the competition.

However, this week will be very different to last for the duo, who have been tipped among the favorites to win the entire program.

Only a little over a week after the injury, the two are back in training together and training almost as normal, Santino Mirenna can now reveal.

– Yes, this week I have dropped a substitute, Santino Mirenna calmly tells TV 2.

Mirenna is convinced that it will only be him and Jørgine on the floor this week.

– The shoulder feels much better and on Saturday it will hopefully be completely fine, but it is a bit too early to do things fully 100 per cent.

ONLY TWO THIS WEEK: Santino Mirenna and Jørgine “Funkygine” Massa Vasstrand will manage without substitutes this week. Here with Saturday’s substitute Lars Henriksen. Photo: Espen Solli

He compares it to the injury in 2019:

– This time it has gone much, much faster and it has been much easier to get back. Last time it took much longer to move the arm. I hope this will not affect the season too much more and that it continues to go well.

– Jørgine manages to show qualities with dancing

However, the fact that the two train together does not mean that there are not certain restrictions.

The injury will affect the couple’s ability to lift for some time to come.

An optimistic Santino still does not think the absence of lifting will affect the popular dance couple’s chances in the competition.

– Many people think lifts are spectacular, but Jørgine manages to show many of her qualities with dancing. For example, we had no lift on the cha cha, so she has already shown that she can deliver a good dance without a lift, asserts the professional dancer.

In addition, he must be careful with the choreography, by avoiding movements that could cause the shoulder to dislocate again.

May end in surgery

For Mirenna, it is still important to think that there will be a time after Skal vi danse: all stars. He makes a living from dancing full-time.

– It is my job and I have always danced, ever since I was 8 years old. So it is of course important to me that the shoulder gets well, says Mirenna.

An MRI in six months will determine whether he needs to go under the knife to overcome the shoulder problem.

– I may have to have an operation to get completely well again, but then it will take a long time before I’m back, he says.

Therefore, there is now full focus on training as well as he can. The aim is to build up the musculature well enough to prevent it from happening again.

– It is difficult to say what will happen. Many say that with training you can fix it, while others say you have to operate.

Mirenna explains that the MRI has revealed that there has been no damage to tendons or nerves, and that the fact that he got his shoulder back in place quickly was an advantage this time.

Will not take painkillers

That is why he now trains with weights and gets new exercises as he gets better.

– There is of course a risk that it could happen again, so I have to train myself and I have already started doing so.

The professional dancer had to take strong painkillers the night his shoulder dislocated in order to sleep, but says that he has since avoided painkillers.

– I haven’t really taken anything in particular. Some Ibux the other day, but I’m not too happy to take medicine unless it hurts, and it hasn’t been, says the Italian.

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