Santoro highlighted the lost opportunities on both sides of the rift after the attack on Cristina

Leandro Santoro shows every time he speaks that he defends with his body what he says with his words. That is why he has no qualms about criticizing the missed opportunity by the government to formally convene the opposition for dialogue after the terrible assassination attempt that the country suffered.

The Frente de Todos deputy and presidential adviser spoke of the opportunities that were lost on both sides of the divide.

On the one hand, the opportunity that Mauricio Macri missed to call Cristina to show solidarity, which would have been valuable on the human and political side.

But he also considered that Alberto Fernández missed a great opportunity to make a call to the opposition that same night.

Santoro closed his reflection with a lapidary phrase: “It seems that in Argentine democracy, examples of democratic coexistence cause votes to be lost.”

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