Santos is happy with the reception they gave him in Colo Colo

The front Christian Santos was presented this Tuesday in Colo Colo and the Venezuelan player told how his first days have been at the Monumental stadium where he did not hide his joy at the good reception he has had from the coaching staff and players.

In his first press conference, the llanero also took the time to thank the leadership for trusting him and hopes to reward them with goals.

“I want to thank the board for making all this possible, to the group and coaching staff for receiving me in a very pleasant way. It is a very important step in my career when I arrive in Colo Colo and I hope that the Monumental will be my home for many years and I hope to respond that affection with good football and goals“Santos said.

“The arrival was very pleasant, it was easy for me to join the group, which is very healthy.It is a family and it shows in the union between all of them. Going to the classic game that was very good and it’s nice to see my team that way, “he said.

On his first days in the Monumental he maintained that “I’m happy to be here. I know the importance of the incorporation of a forward, it is very important for me and for each player that comes. The most important thing is to get up quickly, try to be at a good level as much as possible and I need a few days to adapt to the philosophy of the teacher and classmates “.

Finally, he revealed that “Getting here is a historic club that has won cups, Libertadores and I think that’s what has led me to come here. I am very happy to be a team like Colo Colo and I will not be adapting shortly. “

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