Santos vs Tigres, first leg of the Liga MX Quarterfinals

minute by minute

  • Santos

  • Tigers

  • Final Statistics:

    • 16 Fouls 15
    • 2 Yellow 4
    • 0 Out of place 0
    • 4 Corner kicks 4
    • 36% Possession 64%

  • Santos took advantage of the locality, had a good first half and in the complementary part he endured Tigres to take the victory 2-1


  • 90+4′

    The game is over!

  • 90+3′

    Gignac’s shot and Acevedo is well positioned to tackle the ball

  • 90′

    Four minutes are added

  • 88′

    Left of Omar Campos that passes over the arch

  • 83′

    Change of Santos. Diego Valdés leaves and Ignacio Geraldino enters

  • 80′

    The one Brian Lozano lets go !!! He was alone in the small area and his shot goes to the side

  • 76′

    Tigres is a bit away from tying the score


  • 75′

    Juan Pablo Vigón and Florian Thauvin enters

  • 73′

    Goooooolazoooo of Tigressss !!!!! After a rebound outside the area, Gignac does not think about it and sends the ball hit the right post

  • 72′

    Change of Santos. Eduardo Aguirre leaves and Brian Lozano enters

  • 71′

    Close Santos !!! Santos counterattack that ends with a shot by Juan Otero and deflected by Nahuel Guzmán

  • 67′

    Quiñones is cautioned for a foul on Cervantes; then he protests the marking. Miguel Herrera advises you to be smart

  • 66′

    Santos has a hard time reaching the enemy’s gate; Tigers dominates


  • 65′

    Close Tigresss !!! Quiñones sends a shot that is deflected to a corner kick

  • 64′

    Changes of Tigres. Hugo Ayala and Nicolás López leave; enter Leonardo Fernández and Carlos González

  • 58′

    A header that goes to the hands of Guzmán!

  • 56′

    Change of Santos. Ayrton Preciado leaves and Isaac Rodríguez enters

  • 50′

    Santos is saved !!! Diagonal delayed, Aquino goes to the grass, shot that crashes in a Santos player and then Quiñones’s shot goes over the goal

  • 48′

    Nicolás López hits Cervantes on the back, Santos’s men ask that he get yellow, but the central defender says no

  • 46′

    Quiñones’ strong claim on the linesman; the Tigres player said it was not a corner kick

  • Start the complementary part !!!

  • Statistics of the 1st. Weather:

    • 9 Fouls 6
    • 1 Yellow 2
    • 0 Out of place 0
    • 2 Corner kicks 1
    • 41% Possession 59%

  • Santos has taken advantage of the opportunities he has had to have a comfortable 2-0 lead over Tigres. Eduardo Aguirre scored the second goal


  • 45+4′

    The first half is over!

  • 45+3′

    Rodriguez’s shot that goes into Acevedo’s hands !!!

  • 45+3′

    Eduardo Aguirre is reprimanded

  • 45+2′

    Luis Rodríguez did not forgive that Diego Valdés made a great individual play and took him down; is admonished

  • 44′

    Four minutes are added; Salcedo shows the wound he brings to the level of the shin

  • 42′

    Santos is saved !!! Vigón’s header that crashes into the right post

  • 41′

    Gignac was asking for a penalty! The ball hit Doria on the knee

  • 40′

    Omar Campos returns to the pitch after a slight recharge from Rodríguez; Santos players ask the referee to draw a card

  • 39′

    What a great auto pass Orrantia made, it left Quiñones standing

  • 37′

    Quiñones serve on the left side, Doria’s deflection and Acevedo reacts in a good way to hold the ball

  • 36′

    Tigres tries to close the gap on the scoreboard, but has found an orderly box of Santos in the defensive sector


  • 33′

    The spirits are heated by a strong entrance on Omar Campos. Jorge Almada angrily claimed

  • 31′

    Matheus Doria’s header passing over the arch

  • 26′

    Aquino threw a dangerous cross for Gignac, but Carlos Acevedo left to keep the ball

  • 24′

    Gignac gets upset with the referee after a foul he committed on Alan Cervantes

  • 23′

    Santos tries not to lend the ball to the felines

  • 15′

    Santos has a comfortable advantage 15 minutes into the game


  • 11′

    Santosssss Goooooal !!!!! Great play together to leave only Eduardo Aguirre, who places the ball near the left post before Guzmán’s exit

  • 9′

    Santos is saved !!! Crossed left of Nicolás López that passes by one side

  • 7′

    Scare for Tigres !!! Service on the left side and Nahuel Guzmán stays with the ball in two halves

  • 6′

    Santos does not give up having the ball and seeks to have depth on the sides

  • 4′

    Gooooal de Santos !!!!! Omar Campos’s service to the heart of the area and Diego Valdés heads to defeat Nahuel Guzmán

  • 3′

    The Comarca box presses the exit of Tigres

  • The meeting begins !!!

  • The protocol prior to Liga MX is carried out

  • Welcome to the Minute by Minute of the match between Santos and Tigres, the first leg of the Liga MX Quarterfinals!

Santos against Tigres, first leg of the quarterfinals of the Tournament Grita México Apertura 21 of the Liga MX, which is played at TSM Corona.

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