São Paulo vs. Ceará: Nikao’s goal for the ‘Tricolor’ 1-0 in the South American Cup | VIDEO

Sao Paulo’s goal is to fight for the Copa Sudamericana title, but the team must first overcome Ceará in the quarterfinals. The actions in the first leg were very even, although the ‘Tricolor Paulista’ began to respect their locality: Nikao was in charge of breaking parity.

The match at the Morumbi Stadium lasted more than 69 minutes and the local fans were eager to see their players inflate the nets. Despite repeated offensive attempts by those led by Rogerio Ceni, the goal seemed far from being consummated, until the individual imbalance made the difference.

Passing the middle of the field, Diego Costa had the ball and made a short touch for Rodrigo Nestor, who did the same by looking for Igor Vinicius, on the right, along the sideline. The 25-year-old winger made an inside hook and, having no profile to cross, he leaked a low pass.

The new possessor of the ball was Nikao, who had just over three minutes on the pitch. After receiving the ball, inside the area, the midfielder settled for his left leg and, despite being surrounded by three opponents, managed to take a powerful shot towards the first post of the goal.

João Ricardo Riedi, Ceará’s goalkeeper, was taken by surprise and could do nothing to prevent Sao Paulo from scoring. In this way, the ‘Tricolor Paulista’ advances in the quarterfinal series of the Copa Sudamericana, which will end next Wednesday, August 10 at the Castelão stadium.

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