"Sapee wig": El Bananero joined the celebrations of Maxi Falcón’s goal

Last Saturday, Colo Colo fought and defeated Unión Española by the minimum score at the Santa Laura Stadium with a score by Maximiliano Falcón, within the framework of the sixteenth day of the 2021 National Championship.

El Cacique had all the scoring chances in the first half, but could not materialize them. However, when the complement began, Gabriel Costa sent an impeccable cross from the corner that was connected by the Uruguayan to put the 1-0.

At the moment of the goal, the TNT Sports reporter, Patricio Barrera, surprised everyone and narrated the defender’s goal with a typical phrase from the comedian called El Bananero. “El Peluca sapbe”, Narrated the Grillito of the goal.

The moment caused laughter from viewers and also on social media. Including, Barrera’s locution reached the ears of the Uruguayan, who shared the goal sequence in a story in his Instagram account accompanied by a: “Because the Wig sapee !!”

The Argentine comedian joined the celebrations of Maximiliano Falcón’s goal. | Source: Capture.

It should be noted that after the triumph of Colo Colo against Unión Española, the albos added 30 units and remained in second place in the standings without losing track of the leader Unión La Calera.

Now, the albos have their mind set on the match they will have next Wednesday against Unión Española, this time for the first leg of the Copa Chile. In this meeting, Falcón is expected to be back in the game for his good work last Saturday.

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