Sarafina settles accounts with father Dieter

What happened at the Wollnys in 2012, nobody would have guessed. Dieter (62) and Silvia Wollny (56) went their separate ways after almost three decades, with which the former head of the family also disappeared from the successful reality show “The Wollnys”. Most of his children turned away from him, especially Sarafina (26) and Loredana (17). The meanwhile dramatic state of health of Dieter, who had to undergo a complicated heart operation, did nothing to change that. Now Sarafina, who gave birth to twins in May, has spoken again.

This is how Sarafina Wollny reacts to the question about her father

In her current Instagram chat story, Sarafina is confronted with the question: “Are you still in contact with your birth father?” The answer is very short, but in bold letters: “No!”, Writes the 26-year-old. And with that, the subject is over again.

Dieter no longer plays a role in Sarafina’s life

For years it had already been indicated that a reconciliation between father Dieter and his children is not to be expected in the future either. While Dieter, who is in a new relationship, apparently continues to have good contact with his son Jeremy-Pascal and daughter Jessica, he no longer played any role in the lives of his other children. When asked by a follower whether she was still in contact with her birth father, Sarafina answered with a resounding “no”.

Sister Loredana would have liked a different father

Loredana even announced on Instagram: “I wish Harald had become my dad.” Fans of the “Wollnys” know: Harald is Harald Elsenbast (61), since 2014 the man at Silvia Wollny’s side. The level-headed Rhinelander has long since assumed the role of father for most of the children.

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