Sarah Engels responds outstandingly to a question from a foot fetishist

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Sarah Engels
Sarah Engels became a star through DSDS © Instagram/sarellax3 & IMAGO / Eibner

Sarah Engels encounters foot fetishists in an Instagram question and answer session. The singer’s reply is sharp: “So I recommend you to look elsewhere”.

Cologne – On Sarah Engels (30) Instagram channel it was time for a question and answer session again. In a Q&A, the influencer gave her 1.8 million followers the platform to ask the singer questions. Sarah had an allergic reaction to a question and made a clearly sharp announcement to the user.

The mother of two is always authentic and private in her stories and allows one or the other intimate details to be elicited. So also details for further family planning in the house of Engels. In the question and answer session, a user wanted to know whether the former DSDS candidate would like to have a third child. The 30-year-old is already the mother of seven-year-old Alessio Lombardi and almost one-year-old Solea, who welcomed the young mother into the world with her husband Julian Engels (29).

In fact, the likeable brunette is not averse to family growth, Sarah admitted in the question and answer session. At the current time, another pregnancy is not planned, because the focus is now on her two children. The “Te Amo Mi Amor” interpreter wants to be 110 percent mom for the two of them. “They grow up so quickly,” explains the 30-year-old, with a bit of melancholy in her voice.

Sarah Engels: “So I recommend you look elsewhere!!”

And finally, a question causes angry emojis – a user wants to know in the Q&A: “Do you like foot lovers?” The singer responds with an angry emoji and an ironic “Sure, totally great”. Sarah seems to react particularly allergic to the question and further clarifies: “You will not find any feet on my side”. “So I recommend you to look elsewhere!” Sarah Engels ends her answer sharply and guides the foot lover the way – away from her profile.

It can only be speculated whether the supposed fetishist really meant the question in the same way, or whether a user was simply having fun with the question. The answer of the 30-year-old, on the other hand, is a clear statement. There are no feet to examine on her Instagram page.

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