Sarah follows up on the violent Pietro dispute – “I was honestly shocked!”

This Zoff is hairy…

Her son’s blonde mohawk Alessio (7) admitted Sarah Engels (29) the emotions boil over! Now she explained at an event to BILD why exactly there was a mega argument with her ex Pietro Lombardi (30) came.

But first things first: Singer Pietro Lombardi celebrated with his pregnant girlfriend at the weekend Laura Maria Rypa (26) a baby party. A photo of it on Instagram led to Zoff at Pietro and Ex Sarah, who divorced in 2019.

Papa Pietro had son Alessio cut a mohawk at the hairdresser’s and dyed his hair blonde. Without discussing the whole thing with Mama Sarah beforehand.

Alessio gets a little brother! But that wasn’t the only news at Pietro’s baby party, Alessio’s hair had suddenly changed quite a bit

Photo: lauramaria.rpa/Instagram

Mama Sarah criticized this on Instagram, which led to an exchange of blows.

Sarah captioned the baby shower post, “Congratulations but what on earth happened to my son’s hair?”

Pietro countered: “Sometimes a congratulation is enough. You can also tell me the other privately, but I think it’s good and so does the little one.”

It went on: Sarah accused her ex of “absolutely wanting” that she commented on the photo to announce the baby’s gender – and that she had already written her congratulations to him privately.

The comments of the two were quickly deleted – but the damage was already done.

Has Sarah now got used to her son’s new hairstyle and digested the shock?

Engels at the “Children’s Day 2022” in “Radialsystem V” in Berlin to BILD: “I was honestly shocked because I didn’t know that his hair was dyed.”

Sarah and Pietro met and loved each other in 2011 on the casting show

Sarah (here on Tuesday evening at the event) and Pietro got to know and love each other in 2011 on the casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. Their relationship ended in 2016

Photo: picture alliance / Eventpress Golejewski

How is it currently between her and ex-husband Pietro?

Sarah: “I don’t want to say anything more on the subject. I’ve been asked about Pietro for years. He is in the process of starting his own family. I already have my little family and I’m incredibly happy about it.”

Sarah has a nine-month-old daughter named Solea with her husband Julian (28). And says to BILD about her family: “I’m glad I have both, boy and girl. And above all, that I have two healthy children.”

A little tip against Pietro? As is well known, he will have a son with Laura.

Sarah found her new happiness in love with footballer Julian, and in 2021 they said yes

Sarah found her new happiness in love with footballer Julian, and in 2021 they said yes

Photo: Source: sarellax3/Instagram

She always takes her “little one” with her when she travels. She is crawling now and is also being breastfed by her mother. Sarah to BILD: “But now I only breastfeed in the morning.”

How is the age difference of more than six years in your children noticeable? Engels: “One always thinks that if the gap isn’t that big, it’s better. But I even think that given the distance my children have, my son can be much more understanding.”

Sarah and daughter Solea, who was born in 2021

Sarah and daughter Solea, who was born in 2021

Photo: Source: julbue/Instagram

And further: “He also thinks it’s nice when he can feed or hold her. Those are really big moments when he really gets into it, feels like a big brother. Of course there are also the nonsense moments where he shows her some nonsense.”

And how is Sarah as a mom? “I’m a strict mom. I give a lot of love, but there are certain rules in our home. That’s important, especially as they get older,” the singer reveals about her upbringing.

Bleaching Alessio’s hair without prior consultation clearly went too far for Mama Sarah…

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