Sarah-Lee Heinrich defends Uniper takeover and shoots at Christian Lindner

Sarah-Lee Heinrich is federal spokeswoman for the Green Youth.Image: dpa / Kay Nietfeld

Joana Rettig

Robert Habeck and the gas levy. Robert Habeck and Uniper. The Green Economics Minister has been heavily criticized for his energy policy.

The gas surcharge, which is to come from October, has serious technical errors, according to the critics: inside. At a press conference, one of Habeck’s employees had to admit that companies that are benefiting from the current energy crisis are also included in the levy. Conversely, this means that consumers pay more for gas and flourishing companies can use it to increase their profits.

Robert Habeck has been criticized for his energy policy.

Robert Habeck has been criticized for his energy policy.Image: dpa / Kay Nietfeld

The situation is different for the Finnish gas supplier Uniper. Habeck now wants to nationalize it. The federal government now wants to get 99 percent into the company. Habeck announced this on Wednesday morning.

Now the Green Youth is speaking up. She partially protects Habeck.

“It is right that the nationalization of Uniper is coming, because energy supply is a public good and we must finally treat it as such”says the federal spokeswoman for the Greens youth organization, Sarah-Lee Heinrich, when asked by watson.

But Heinrich also sees a problem: At the same time, doubts about the gas levy are growing. “And it confirms that it’s the wrong instrument,” she says. However, Heinrich shoots again against FDP finance minister Christian Lindner.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner is sticking to the debt brake.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner is sticking to the debt brake.Image: / imago images

She says:

“There are alternatives to this (to the gas levy, editor’s note) and Christian Lindner can no longer resist these. To seriously cling to his party program as finance minister in such a difficult situation is sheer mockery for the trainees, the students, for craftsmen and nurses, for everyone who cannot heat their home. And also for the baker who is about to close his shop.”

There is no way around a gas price cap that limits prices for average household consumption. This can relieve consumers of horrendous gas prices. Heinrich: “If we want to prevent a social crisis and the impending recession, then we need extensive relief for people as well as support for small and medium-sized companies.”

Habeck, meanwhile, wants to exclude companies that are not dependent on financial support from payments from the gas levy. “We have found a legally secure way to push the so-called free riders off the running board,” said Habeck on Wednesday.

Changes in gas allocation planned

His ministry introduced an amendment to the Energy Security Act that would create additional criteria for eligibility for support.

With the gas surcharge, importers who have to buy expensive elsewhere because of failed Russian deliveries should be able to pass on these additional costs. Previously, companies had to prove these additional costs in order to receive money from the pot. As a result, companies that were not posing a significant threat from the current crisis also applied for the funds.

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