Sassuolo is coming: this is how long Torino hasn’t won three games in a row

The granata have not won three consecutive matches since the 2018-2019 season, which allowed Mazzarri’s Torino to approach the Europa League

It’s football time again for Juric’s Bull who, after the good victories against Fiorentina and Sampdoria, will try to replicate against the Sassuolo of Dionisi. The neroverdi, the only club beaten away from the friendly walls in the first leg, are the perfect victim to try to secure their third consecutive victory. However, there is a stumbling block that has characterized the last years of the grenade: the Turin has not been able to do so for two seasons. Debunking the taboo may therefore not be so simple but Juric, able to give various satisfactions already on other fronts, is the right man to try the company.

Those three victories in a row that were worth a real step in the Europa League

To get to the last time in which the granata have hit three consecutive victories, we need to take a few steps back, until the 2018-2019 season, where there was on the Turin bench Mazzarri. Record of points and golden year of the current Cagliari coach under the Mole, on that occasion. In fact, in the wake of seven consecutive results, his Taurus has beaten Atalanta (2-0), Chievo Verona (3-0) e Frosinone (1-2) between February and March.

Against Sassuolo to equal Mazzarri’s record

Those three results allowed the grenades to launch towards l’Europa League, an objective then reached at the end of the year with the exclusion of Milan and the possibility of playing the playoffs for Torino. The situation therefore recalls the current one, but this time the team is leading Ivan Juric. The Croatian, who now has a ninth place in his pocket, does not want to settle for the best and, without great proclamations, will try to add a third victory to the brace of the past weeks. Sassuolo is therefore warned.

Zapata and Lukic in Turin-Atalanta
Zapata and Lukic in Turin-Atalanta

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