Satisfaction for Karl Lauterbach? Corona investigations closed

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) was reported: He is said to have violated corona regulations.Image: IMAGO / Political Moments

He had helped negotiate the terms. Then it was said that he himself had violated them. Karl Lauterbach (SPD) received advertisements. The Federal Minister of Health is said to have violated the corona isolation regulations. On August 4, the SPD politician tested positive for the corona virus, so he temporarily carried out his official business from domestic isolation.

After six days he again took part in a cabinet meeting. He told the ARD on the same day that he was negative again, but didn’t feel quite fit. However, the Corona Ordinance of the State of Berlin only provides for the premature termination of the ten-day isolation requirement if the infected person has been symptom-free for at least 48 hours.

This earned him several ads.

Lauterbach: Control by the health department “completely ok”

At least five ads were received by the Berlin-Mitte health department, reported the newspaper “Welt”. In principle, Lauterbach thinks the procedure is okay. He tweeted in mid-September: “Anyone who makes strict rules must also comply with them. Control by the health department is therefore completely ok.”

The health department of the Berlin district of Mitte has now stopped investigating Lauterbach. No violation of the isolation regulations of the state of Berlin was found.

Lauterbach could take note of this with satisfaction.

Lauterbach: “Process completely ok”

A spokesman for the district told the AFP news agency that the procedure was terminated. Lauterbach himself tweeted quite calmly about the end of the investigation. Not a trace of satisfaction, however. Lauterbach wrote: “Nevertheless, the process was completely ok, the minister also has to comply with his rules.”

A PCR test five days after his infection showed that he was no longer infectious at that point. This was explained by a spokesman for the Ministry of Health on Friday at the request of “dpa”. Before Lauterbach left the isolation on August 10, three quick tests were negative.

Before leaving isolation on August 10, the minister had been symptom-free for more than 48 hours.

(With material from dpa and AFP)

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