Satisfaction for Mick Jagger – bosom salute in front of the stage

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60 years of ROLLING STONES… but some things never change! Half-naked girls at the band’s concerts, for example. The Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. A young woman sits on a man’s shoulders and shows a little MORE than enthusiasm for the STONES concert… And Mick Jagger? Sees it, is happy and answers with a lifted shirt. And not only that… he also posts the video a few days later in an InstaStory – why should he only have fun with it? The ROLLING STONES are just finishing a European tour to celebrate their 60th band anniversary. Last stop: BERLIN! Mick Jagger hangs around the Brandenburg Gate there at night… And Ronnie Wood? Reminisces about his visit to Berlin in 2014 on Instagram. Let’s just hope that it won’t be the last STONES tour! But with “convincing arguments” like these… the gentlemen won’t stay at home for long.

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