Saudi Arabia reveals impressive video of what the interior of The Line looks like: futuristic three-dimensional city

We are officially inDivergent” and we start with “Erudition”. It is the first thing that comes to mind when we see the video of neom and your project The Line: an amazing three-dimensional futuristic city. The entire city or metropolis works in the same structure of 34 square kilometers.

This mega architectural structure is powered by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are two skyscrapers that are about 500 meters high and, living up to their name, they draw an amazing line in the middle of the desert in the Middle East.

The two skyscrapers, 500 meters high and two meters apart, are enough space for people to organize themselves to live in three dimensions. They explain that citizens will have access to any of their needs by walking five minutes.

Some architects question the realization of the project due to civil engineering issues. It happens that, if achieved, we would be talking about a project that would surpass wonders such as the Chinese Wall or the Pyramids of Egypt.

The interior of The Line

The length of the two buildings that will contain the city will be extended by 170 kilometers long. Inside, they say, there will be a train to cross the city from end to end in just 20 minutes.

So that we have an idea: the train of Santiago to Rancagua (Chile) It takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes and travels 86 kilometers. Another example is the train Buenos Aires – La Plata (Argentina) which takes just under an hour and makes a transfer of approximately 60 kilometers.

According to what the people of Saudi Arabia say, the design allows some 9 million people to live on The Line.

Zero carbon emission and renewable energy consumption; intelligent robots that help with household chores and flying electric cars in their surroundings will collaborate with the preservation of the environment.

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