Savage attack against a bus driver in La Plata

A driver of the West line was the victim of a violent attack when he was driving on avenue 520 and 153, Melchor Romero. Witnesses assure that the driver of a white Partner he got down with an iron and broke the window where the man was sitting, after leading a traffic argument.

Spokesmen for the transport company Nueve de Julio told that the driver was the one who alerted the company about what had happened, quickly deploying a support operation to find the person involved, but when he arrived he had already escaped.

“He told us that the bad maneuvers were being carried out by the truck. It was a guy completely taken out who got out with an iron and attacked him”they remarked.

In turn, they stressed that the passengers took the data from the vehicle and gave it to the driver so that he could make a formal complaint.

Fortunately, there were no injuries and now it is expected that the authorities will manage to arrest the aggressor.

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