Save Children critical of Ukrainians being allowed to use public transport for free: “Unfair”

On March 4, just one week after the war in Ukraine broke out, the Transport Board decided that all refugees from Ukraine would be allowed to use free public transport throughout Kronoberg.

– Everything went so fast, we still felt like other transport companies that we had to do something, says Carina Bengtsson, chair of the traffic committee (C).


Save Ukrainian thinks that Ukrainian refugees are allowed to use free public transport is good because refugees in Sweden generally need that help. On the other hand, they think it is discriminatory that only refugees from one country get the offer.

– Some can not participate in our activities because they can not afford to go to the activity, says volunteer coordinator Maja Söderberg.

Save the Children organizes activities for asylum seekers and Maja Söderberg testifies that many do not come because they can not afford. She also says that it is important not to forget that many come from other countries despite the fact that there is a current war in Ukraine.

Photo: SVT / Diba Dehnad

According to figures from the Swedish Migration Agency on how many have applied for asylum in Sweden in recent weeks, most have applied from Afghanistan.

In what way would you have thought it fairer to offer the help?

– That it does not depend on which country you come from, says Maja Söderberg.

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