Save electricity: Can I charge my cell phone at work?

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Electricity prices are constantly increasing. This makes it necessary for all citizens to supply electricity and energy save where possible. We’ll tell you whether charging your cell phone at work is a potential power-saving measure, or whether you shouldn’t.

Charging your cell phone at work: you should know that

The battery life is different for every smartphone. According to experience, a battery charge lasts about 24 hours; As a result, depending on usage and battery life, the mobile phone has to be charged again and again after about a day.

Among other things, the higher Fuel and Co2 prices and power plant failures and shutdowns to ensure that the electricity prices skyrocket. As a result, our electricity bills continue to rise. If you have already given serious thought to how you could save more, you may have thought of charging your cell phone at work. In addition to the financial aspect, that seems very practically. But is that at all permitted?

Basically, it is important to know that charging a approval required. If your boss does not allow you to connect your private phone to the power supply, you should not do so either. In some offices, charging your own devices is even possible officially forbidden. If you do it anyway, you are threatened with a warning. If you don’t stop charging your devices at work afterwards, it can even lead to a termination come. It is better if you tell your boss address it personally. Maybe it’s okay if you charge your phone every now and then. Alternatively, you could ask if it would be possible to negotiate an energy flat rate. This would be deducted from your salary and allows you to charge your devices at work.

How much does it cost to charge your cell phone?

Finally, if your incentive for charging your phone at work is to save money, it’s interesting to consider what you would actually save. If you go from one average electricity price from 37.30 cents per kWh, you can roughly calculatehow much such a Battery charging costs.

You can find out how much power your cell phone needs by looking at the operating instructions or the battery itself. On average, a modern mobile phone has a battery capacity of 4,000 milliampere hours (mAh) and a voltage of 3.6 volts (V). It takes around 14.4 watt hours (Wh) to charge.

With daily charging you need per year around 5.256 kWh. With an electricity price of 0.37 euros, this corresponds to annual Cost of 1.94 euros.


If you are not allowed to charge your cell phone in your office, it is hardly worth risking your job in view of the comparatively small savings. However, you got it from your superiors permission Get paid to charge your private cell phone at work, nothing speaks against it.

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