Save energy: This turns your cell phone into a real power guzzler

  • Are there ways that battery life of the smartphone?
  • screen
  • WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and Co.
  • Therefore you should some app uninstall

First smart phone is that valid IBM Simon, which the IT giant introduced back in 1992. Commercially revolutionized Apple founders Steve Jobs with the first iPhone the mobile phone market. Suddenly it was possible not only to use the mobile phone make a phone call and to write SMS, but also in the Internet to surf – no matter where. Use today 83 percent of Germans over the age of 16 own a smartphone. That has one representative survey by the digital association Bitkom revealed at the beginning of the year. If you are using the prehistoric time from a telecommunications point of view flip phone and “Nokia-Bone” as an active user, you will notice: The battery pack of your smartphone lasts by far not so long, like that of cell phones of the time. With some tricks you can according to the telecom portal telerate but extend the battery life.

Display: Power guzzler number one

That screen is one of the biggest power guzzlers – ever brighter, the more energy it consumes. Teletarif recommends adjusting the brightness Requirement set.

You also have the option to automatic brightness to activate. The smartphone recognizes the lighting conditions and adjusts the luminosity of the display.

If your smartphone has a so-called OLED display you can dark mode use. With this technique, each individual pixels illuminated. When no light hits the display, it stays black.

Connections: use GPS, WLAN and co in a targeted manner

Further power guzzler are functions that are constantly looking for a connection Looking for. These include GPS, NFC, WLAN and Bluetooth. You should disable these if you don’t need them.

Just needed GPS much energy. Global Positioning System – that’s the full name – isn’t just useful when you’re wandering around the city aimlessly. Many app access GPS reception without you noticing – for example weather apps or by the way also the Corona warning app.

You should Requirement Weigh up and set in the settings which app on GPS may access.

Apps: Rethinking the usefulness of apps

Not only that smart phone itself requires energy, whose consumption you can regulate with a few tricks. Also app themselves need different amounts of electricity, even if they are in background to run. You can find it on both Android and iOS devices statisticswhich show you which app needs how much.

Again, you should rethink, which app you really need. To the power consumption to reduce, deactivation or uninstallation helps. Teletarif recommends regularly the cache to empty the smartphone. This is how open applications are closed.

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With a few handles can you the battery life of your smartphone.

It also helps if you avoid using your smartphone temperature extremes to suspend. It should never be in direct sunlight be stored. In wintry temperatures one helps warming cover.

Have you ever heard of WhatsAppitis? So the smartphone can make us dependent and sick.

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