Save energy when showering and still not freeze: 3 degrees less bring that much

If you urgently want to save energy in view of the current price explosions, you should water consumption rethink. Because around 13 percent of the costs in the household are caused by hot water, e.g take a shower or Bathecauses, calculates the Consumer Center Bavaria before. A few simple measures can already help to significantly reduce energy consumption. But nobody has to shiver in the shower.

Duration, temperature, water consumption and energy sources are the factors that govern the Costs opt for a warm shower. On average, Germans spend eight to twelve minutes in the shower. The shower time up five minutes to reduce could already be an energy saving order 30 percent Reinhard Loch, who heads the energy efficiency group at the consumer advice centre, explains.

Hot water consumes a lot of energy: This is how it can be reduced

But you can also save on the temperature: Only at 37 degrees instead of showering at 40 degrees, reduce energy consumption by around ten percentexpert Loch explains in an interview with the daily News. A Bavarian professor has also calculated how consumption when showering could even be halved.

Another option is to purchase one economy shower head, as recommended by the consumer advice center. “It saves up to 50 percent of hot water consumption. The new shower head should have a water flow rate of less than nine liters per minute.” With a normal shower head, up to 14 liters of water patter down per minute. If you shower for ten minutes, you can use the same amount of water take a bath too.

An exchange of fittings It can also be worthwhile in the shower: More economical than the classic two handles in red and blue are so-called single-lever mixers or thermostatic mixers, with which the desired water temperature does not have to be regulated for a long time. The water during lathering switching off also saves energy. In addition, a flow restrictor to be built in.

Saving tips for showering: The temperature is important

Not turning on the faucet all the way in the shower will also turn the faucet down water pressureadvises the portal Eco test. And: Unnecessary loss of energy can be prevented with the help of an electronic water heater avoid. If the desired temperature is set here right away, cold water does not have to be mixed in first.

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