Save twice: Amazon is reducing smart radiator thermostats from Tado

Save twice: Amazon is reducing smart radiator thermostats from Tado

Save heating costs and control the heating via smartphone when you’re on the go: That’s possible with smart thermostats for radiators. Today, a model from the German manufacturer Tado is radically reduced in an extensive set.

Smart radiator thermostats promise the perfect room temperature at all times. They are networked with each other via an app and a base station on the home router. So you can control the heating from anywhere and reduce costs. Today is extensive

Starter Kit V3+ by Tado on sale at Amazon. The set of three thermostats and a bridge has never been cheaper than it is today.

Top deal in detail: smart radiator thermostat from Tado

With the thermostat for the smart home from Tado, you can heat your home efficiently and conveniently and can even reduce costs at the same time. Finally, you also reduce your energy consumption: according to the manufacturer, energy savings of up to 31 percent should be possible. Thanks to the high compatibility with all common types of radiators, the smart thermostat from the German manufacturer is suitable for almost every home.

Installation is easy thanks to step-by-step instructions and usually does not require the support of a specialist. Once installed, you can use the app to control your heating from anywhere, for example turning it down when nobody is there or increasing the temperature before you get home. So you will feel right at home when you return home.

Practically, the thermostat also recognizes when a window is open, for example, and reminds you via push notification to turn down the heating. You can also create intelligent schedules and set the desired temperature for each room and at any time.

Tado’s V3+ starter kit comes with three thermostats and a bridge for the internet connection. For example, voice control via Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant is also possible. A detailed manual is also included. If you wish, you can add further benefits by subscription: For EUR 2.99 per month you get access to further functions such as solving heating problems.

That’s why we recommend the thermostat

The smart radiator thermostat from Tado ensures comfort and can help reduce your heating costs. It scores with many practical functions, looks elegant and today also convinces with the particularly good price: the extensive starter set has never been as cheap as it is now at Amazon!

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