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The German video conferencing provider alfaview® and the social media specialists at Ogilvy Social.Lab have a common mission: to say goodbye to the remote work monsters created by working from home. With the start of the 360° online campaign, a total of five monsters with their usual quirks will be presented, which, thanks to alfaview®, will find their way to a barrier-free, equal and virtual office experience for modern work.

The campaign

With impressive images produced by the Berlin film production company Polly Films, alfaview® presents a series of home office scenarios that might look familiar to some viewers. A total of five characters, who say goodbye to their remote work monster thanks to the video conferencing software alfaview®, are worked out in several online spots with humorous elements. The videos and displays will be shown on the company’s own social media channels and on various streaming TV providers from September 20th. In addition to a 60-second hero film, various features of the software such as the room structure, the second camera and the screen sharing function are presented in individual consideration videos.

The goal

The overall goal of the campaign is to increase brand awareness of alfaview®. Niko Fostiropoulos, founder and managing director of alfaview®: “We are delighted to have realized a creative and high-quality cinematic campaign with Ogilvy Social.Lab in such a short time. We hope this will break the existing focus on software from Silicon Valley “We want to show that there are powerful German products that offer many advantages, both technically and in terms of data protection. With our campaign, we are also strengthening Germany as an IT location and European digital sovereignty”.

Sebastian Gräf, Creative Lead at Ogilvy Social.Lab, on the idea of ​​the campaign: “In the past two years we have been able to observe some weird habits in all of us in the home office. The remote work monsters were born from this insight – although we humorously exaggerate these rather unpleasant habits with our monsters. In addition, we were able to use the monster’s peculiarities to specifically communicate product advantages.” In addition, Sebastian Gräf also explains the media selection: “alfaview® is a digital product, so social media was the most important communication channel right from the start. Here we are specifically expanding our reach and making alfaview® better known, especially in the German home market.”

Here you can find the hero film of the campaign

About alfaview®

alfaview®. This is the world’s most powerful GDPR-compliant video conferencing system for online meetings, live training and virtual events. alfaview® stands for barrier-free, democratic and emancipative communication that overcomes distances. When it comes to data protection, there are no compromises with alfaview®: Only ISO 27001-certified data centers located and headquartered in Germany are used to provide the services. Data and data transport are encrypted according to current BSI standards (TLS/AES 256) and are not saved. At the same time, alfaview® meets the highest technical demands and is stable and without breaks. alfaview® has been used successfully by numerous companies, educational institutions and organizations for over ten years.

The responsible


Niko Fostiropoulos, Sonja Decker, Vivien Herlan, Katharina Lange, Katharina Petschner


Strategy: Keren Kaufmann, Kathleen Mussbach, Vicky Stoelzel; Creation: Sebastiao Assis, Sebastian Gräf, Hanna Hetherington, Jens Paasen, Andrés Ricón, Kosma Tyszkiewicz; Advice: Paul Hajek, Julia Hardt, Yolantha Jürgens, Christian Rottmann; Social Media Management: Nicolas Deawael, Astrid Scheuermann, Emma Schenk

film production

Polly Films GmbH: Till Gerstenberger, Mario Krause, Tim Krüger; Direction: Arrigo Reuss Photo production: Horia Manolache

Media: Ogilvy Social.Lab

Press contact:

Sonja Decker
Press officer alfaview gmbh
Telephone: +49 721 35450-450
Email: [email protected]

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