Say Uncle Obs… Why does the President of the Republic have so much power?

In most large democratic states, in Germany, in Italy, or even in the United Kingdom, the head of state is a great character who looks down on things, an arbiter who guarantees the smooth running of life democracy of the nation, but is careful not to get its hands dirty with the engine.

In France, on the same day, our president can talk about Europe, the problems of agriculture, the question of the reopening of theaters and give guidance on how to conduct Covid tests in primary schools. . He has become a man-orchestra, a council of ministers on legs, which has an opinion on all issues and controls all powers.

Three years later, Emmanuel Macron is no longer really “champion of the Earth”

This phenomenon is called the presidentialization of the regime. Is it consubstantial with the Constitution of our Ve Republic ? Or does it come from a long drift of our institutions? Is it a good or a bad thing? Who defends it, who criticizes it?

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On the eve of a new presidential election, it is time to clarify the issue. In this new video, directed by Louis Morice, Oncle Obs – alias François Reynaert – explains everything to you in a few minutes. Look :

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