SC government makes use of masks flexible in open environments

The governor of Santa Catarina, Carlos Moisés, issued a decree yesterday (24) to make the use of masks in open spaces more flexible. Measure is in effect. The use of masks covering mouth and nose is still mandatory in public transport, in closed environments or in those where it is not possible to maintain distance, according to the local government. The decision comes at a time of reduction of covid-19 contagion in the state, where about 80% of the population aged 12 and over was completely immunized.

The decree also authorizes the full operation of establishments that promote corporate events, business fairs, social events, shows and entertainment, including sports. In the case of football competitions, the occupancy limit of 50% in stadiums was dropped and, now, the games will be able to have maximum capacity. The standard still extends the situation of public calamity until March 31, 2022.

In cases where the presence of the public exceeds 500 people, the protocol defined by the government of Santa Catarina provides proof of complete vaccination (two doses or a single dose) of the vaccine against covid-19 (in people aged 18 or over) or partial vaccination (for those aged between 12 and 17). Alternatively, RT-PCR examination reports or an antigen test with a negative result may be presented. The wearing of masks at these events, including football stadiums, remains mandatory.

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“We will release the use of masks in open environments without crowding and authorize the operation of football stadiums without public restrictions. Events with more than 500 people remain obligatory for the vaccine and negative test for covid-19. These advances are a merit of all who were vaccinated and helped to significantly reduce the contagion. The vaccine is the way to return to normality, “wrote the governor on his social networks.

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