Scandal at Chelsea | Terrible conditions in Qatar

Chelsea sex scandal

In England, Chelsea are embroiled in a sex scandal, ‘The Daily Telegraph’ reveals. According to the English newspaper, the Blues have sacked their commercial director, Damian Willoughby, after just a few weeks as he has a string of “inappropriate messages” sent to player agent Catalina Kim. The club confirmed this information today. Kim filed a lawsuit, saying she was sexually harassed before Willoughby was hired in September. Ever since he started working there, she felt threatened. In short, Chelsea continues to make headlines after the change of ownership.

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Next Qatar hangover

The World Cup in Qatar is again attracting negative attention. The Guardian has taken a close look at the conditions faced by the workers who built the stadiums in the host country. According to the English newspaper, the host country has completely failed in its commitments to FIFA. The workers live crammed together in small, often dilapidated, huts – mostly without windows. Another problem is the illegal fees they have to pay to agents from their home countries to secure their employment. In addition, the workers are not allowed to change jobs, as originally promised.

Italy shows Juve’s problems

Juventus Turin graces the front page of ‘Corriere dello Sport’. But for once it is not the coach Massimiliano Allegrie who is criticized. They are the two stars who were brought in in the summer but have not yet proven their class: “Pogba and Di MarĂ­a: their setbacks are at the root of the Juventus crisis.” The Italian newspaper even speaks of one “Betrayal of Juventus”. The cover of the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’ shows not only Juvve’s bad start to the season, but also that of Inter Milan. Well-known Italian coaches also have their say. Such as Claudio Ranieri: “The club has to react immediately if the coach is no longer in control of the team.”

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