Scare off wasps with a simple trick: all you need is a paper bag

wasps are often unwelcome guests in the outdoor area of ​​cafés and ice cream parlors, at picnics or when barbecuing in the garden in the summertime. They are attracted, for example, to sweets, meat, colorful clothing, certain scents or fruit trees. the annoying ones insects However, they are under nature protection and must not simply be caught or their nests damaged. A simple one paper bag but it can help keep them away.

There are numerous wasp remedy in trade and various tricks, to drive away the animals in a gentle way. A slightly less well-known, but quite effective method is the use of paper bags as a so-called “Wasp Scare”.

Paper bag as a dummy nest: this is how wasps stay away

For this you take a brownish or grayish paper bag and crumples them up – brown ones are also suitable for this organic waste bags. These are placed in a place where wasps often fly, for example near seating and eating areas.

This wasp scare is structurally similar to one alien wasp nest and signals to the animals that there is already another one in this place swarm nests, which allows them to be driven away.

The early attachment of such a dummy should also prevent the animals from building nests near the garden and house. If you don’t want to rely on just one method, you can combine the wasp deterrent with other tricks: Sliced ​​food also works this way fruitwhich is placed at some distance, as a “diversionary tactic”.

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