Scarlett Johansson and her husband

Scarlett Johansson She has become one of the most successful and popular celebrities in the entertainment world, because in addition to her great talent, she has an unparalleled beauty that has made her the crush of millions of men and women.

Likewise, there have been some who managed to conquer her and the protagonist of Black Widow has been married three times, even having a daughter with one of her husbands, so in The Truth News We will tell you a little more about the love life of this talented actress.

After the news that Scarlett Johansson is pregnant we will give you a trip through her past to remember her old romances, and you will really be surprised to discover that she has been a couple with another famous member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

How many husbands has Scarlett Johansson had?

Colin Jost is the current husband of the beautiful actress

During his life, ScarJo has been married three times, the first being in 2008 with the actor Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool in the MCU, and caused a furor when it was revealed that like his ex-wife he could be angry with Disney, although not to the degree of proceeding with a lawsuit.

The couple’s marriage lasted less than 4 years, and in 2012 the actress remarried, this time to the French journalist Romain Dauriac, with whom he had his daughter Rose Dorothy, although apparently the relationship was never good and they divorced in 2017, to marry the comedian for the third time Colin Jost, with whom he began dating since 2017.

Who was Scarlett Johansson’s first husband?

That’s right, Deadpool was Scarlett Johansson’s first husband

As we inform you, the first Scarlett Johansson’s husband It was Ryan Reynolds, and although we know that the actor maintains a spectacular relationship with his wife Blake Lively, this did not happen with Scarjo, since it is said that he was too controlling and she was very little affectionate with him, plus she did not want to lose your freedom to meet new people.

So much was their problem that both refused to appear together in Marvel films, although it is no longer a matter of concern, as it was said that the Black Widow film was confirmed as the last of the actress in Marvel after the scandal of the lawsuit. .

Who is the father of Scarlett’s daughter?

Little is known about the coexistence of Scarjo’s daughter with her father

The father of Rose Dorothy is the journalist Romain Dauriac, the second husband of the actress, and with whom she ended because they apparently had nothing in common, in addition to the fact that he barely spoke English, something that makes their relationship much more difficult, which ended shortly after five years.

Also, the beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson She is already waiting for her second baby and new job opportunities after leaving Marvel Studios, and it is even said that it could join the competition with DC Comics after the enormous success they have had with their latest films.

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